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Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico “San Matteo” is a public teaching & research hospital with national and international prominence. San Matteo Hospital is one of the most important academic medical center in Europe, offering high-specialty inpatient and treatment services (with multiple areas of excellence) and a strong vocation for the integration of scientific research, care and teaching.

The I.R.C.C.S. Policlinico San Matte combines all three foundational aspects of healthcare: CARE, affirming its role as a referral hospital (HUB) and center of the organizational time-dependent and pathology NETWORKS; RESEARCH, as an Institute of Hospitalization and Treatment with Scientific Character and playing a leading national and international role in biomedical research; basic and specialized UNIVERSITY EDUCATION, as a teaching pole of the University of Pavia, with the seat of the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and of the three-year and master’s degree courses of the health professions.

Recognized as an Institute for Hospitalization and Treatment with Scientific Character (IRCCS) in 1982, San Matteo has always been reaffirmed in that role. The latest confirmation is January 21, 2021in the mutually complementary and integrated disciplines of “transplantology: diseases curable by organ, tissue and cell transplantation” and “internist diseases of broad biomedical and technological complexity.”

St. Matthew's in figures

  • Monopresidio – Level II DEA – with 856 active beds (of which 63 Intensive Care Unit, 19 Subintensive Care Unit, 37 Day Hospital/Day Surgery); 114 technical beds (of which 48 MAC -High Complexity Ambulatory Care Unit-, 22 BIC -Low Intensity Surgery-, 19 dialysis); 31 operating rooms, 2 interventional radiology rooms, 3 electrophysiology/hemodynamics rooms
  • 3,572 employees (including 71 University staff and 83 researchers); 12 Departments; 60 Complex Operating Units (COUs); 17 Departmental Simple Operating Units (DUOs); 45 Simple Operating Units
  • Clinical care activities (year 2019): 35,926 inpatient admissions; 14,067 emergency admissions; 102,072 emergency room admissions; 26,362 surgical procedures; 1,972 deliveries; 63 solid transplants and 164 marrow transplants; 2,584,000 outpatient services for outpatients
  • Participation in 10 European Reference Networks (ERNs), 6 national research networks, 13 Lombardy disease networks, 21 pathology registries, 14 institutional and excellence accreditations
  • Biomedical research activities (year 2021): 961 papers reportable to the Ministry of Health, 5,961 impact factor points; 4061.20 normalized impact factor
Research personnel
, 5675,38
Impact Factor
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Despite recent foundation of San Matteo Technology Transfer Office, the institute supported researchers in the filing process of 3 patent applications in the fields of new surgical applications, innovative therapies and advanced diagnostics. The office is currently working on the protection of new diagnostic software and biomedical devices.


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Surgery Innovative therapies Advanced diagnostics
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