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An implantable prosthesis for the use of ultrasounds in brain therapy

The study “Ultrasounds induce blood-brain barrier opening across a sonolucent polyolefin plate in an in vitro isolated brain preparation” published in Scientific Reports and  authored by Dr. Prada (director of the Acoustic Neuroimaging and Therapy Laboratory – ANTY-Lab), Dr. Librizzi, and Dr. Uva, reveals that a special polyolefin plate, placed on the brain surface, may allow the passage of ultrasound usable for blood-brain barrier (BBB) opening

As the blood-brain barrier (BBB) hinders the passage of drugs into the brain, the combined use of low-intensity pulsed ultrasonic waves and intravascular microbubbles (MB) represents a promising solution because it allowis controlled and reversible opening of the barrier.

The study, in particular, assessed the feasibility of opening the blood-brain barrier through a biocompatible polyolefin-based prosthesis that may allow the delivering of therapeutic agents within the central nervous system.

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