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An exclusive tool to prevent cancer and papillomavirus injury

INT is the only public structure in Italy with a platform able to automatically process Pap-test samples, detecting in a few hours if Papillomavirus is present and if the infection can turn into cancer.
“It’s another victory in the fight against cervical cancer – explains Massimo Milione, the director of the Department of Pathological Anatomy 1 – because we are able to monitor and treat women with a higher risk chance, and this has been possible thanks to funding and a collaboration with LILT (Lega Italiana per la Lotta ai Tumori) that gave us the opportunity to access the platform that we use to identify any potential risk.”
This HPV test differs from the simple Pap-test because the new platform, already in operation, is able to offer very accurate and reliable results thanks to a higher detection sensitivity.

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